My dear friend

He’s one of my friend, not my close friend, i just knew him from my friend, i talk with him sometimes and easy conversation, but oneday he told me that he felt so lonely, he must looked strong to all of people, but it was a fake smile, i said you could told with your close friend or someone who really you can trust, and he said, i never believe people..
its so sad, i mean, you know people can changes, people can stabback you anytime, but you must learn there’s a people that can love you and accept you for who you are..
for right now, i have some close friends, i talk with them everyday almost a whole day, but i just have two people that i really trust and i can tell everything with them..
to Ike and Franco, i can say, thanks for being there when no one else was.. when i was in my very bad time, they always there and give me a lot of support, hugs and always love me..
i must be grateful with what i have now, and for you my dear friend, try to open your heart and you’ll see still a lot of people love you and want to hear you 🙂

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